2005-2015 (5-cd album)


In 2015, Spinifex celebrated their 10-year anniversary with this 5-cd set. Including the 2008 Spinifex Orchestra cd (originally released on Karnatic Lab Records), a compilation of live recordings from 2010-2014 featuring, among others, Indian music masters Dr. Mysore Manjunath, B.C. Manjunath and Priya Purushothaman, the two Spinifex quintet cds and the spectacular 12-piece Spinifex Maximus. “For 10 years, Spinifex has been one of the most adventurous jazz ensembles in- or outside of the Netherlands” (moors magazine)

more than 30 musicians

Spinifex explores the contrast between extremely tight irregular structures and extensive free improvisation.Named after a tough Australian species of grass, Spinifex may at first sound like a combination of free jazz, math-metal and other typically Western contemporary music. However, beneath the surface the listener will discover ancient cyclical rhythms of Turkish and Indian origin.


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