Amphibian Ardour-Spinifex

Amphibian Ardour – Spinifex


Amphibian Ardour is the fifth Spinifex studio CD, and the first one with American tenor saxophonist John Dikeman. The album also features Flemish master trumpeter Bart Maris, who had already been part of Spinifex Maximus in 2015.
Amphibian Ardour includes compositions by alto saxophonist Tobias Klein, bassist Gonçalo Almeida, and music from Iranian and Pakistani Sufi traditions.
Dave Foxall (Jazz Journal, UK) wrote about the previous Spinifex CD ‘Veiled’: “ambitious yet unpretentious, tight, catchy, but also fearlessly exploratory and experimental.”

 Bart Maris – trumpet
Tobias Klein – alto saxophone
John Dikeman – tenor saxophone
Jasper Stadhouders – guitar
Gonçalo Almeida – bass guitar
Philipp Moser  – drums

Spinifex explores the contrast between extremely tight irregular structures and extensive free improvisation.Named after a tough Australian species of grass, Spinifex may at first sound like a combination of free jazz, math-metal and other typically Western contemporary music. However, beneath the surface the listener will discover ancient cyclical rhythms of Turkish and Indian origin.


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