Bimhuis 18 january 2019

20.30 Celano/Badenhorst/Baggiani
Joachim Badenhorst tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, Guillermo Celano guitar Marcos Baggiani drums

An unconventional trio with powerful and original ideas breaking the boundaries between improvisation and composition.

“like splashing Tabasco sauce on Dutch herring… mouth-watering and ear-pleasing shapes” Ken Waxman, New York City Jazz R

21.45 Spinifex SOUFIFEX
Tobias Klein altosaxophone, Bart Maris trumpet, John Dikeman tenor saxophone, Jasper Stadhouders guitar, Gonçalo Almeida bass, Philipp Moser drums

Deeply rooted in their musical approach of combining cutting-edge composed structures with free improvisation, with SOUFIFEX the Spinifex musicians dive into the magic world of ritually repeated patterns and concentration on the beat.

entrance €18     get tickets here

Splendor 19 january 2019

15.00 Linden
Kristina Fuchs voice, hang, Mete Erker saxophone, bassclarinet, Jeroen Van Vliet piano, electronics

Old songs, new music - world music from the Netherlands, flat-land sounds rediscovered by a singer from the Swiss mountains. Newly bottled with artistry, love and humor and aged in the cellar of a virtuoso, head-strong and weather-proof jazz trio featuring voice, piano and reeds.

16.15 AVA Trio
Giuseppe Doronzo baritone saxophone, Esat Ekincioğlu double bass, Pino Basile percussion

A unique trio, merging ritualistic sounds of Mediterranean cultures with avant-garde explorations, "genuinely creating Music From An Imaginary Land as both a concept and a musical experience."

20.30 Oğuz Büyükberber Simon Nabatov
Oğuz Büyükberber clarinets, Simon Nabatov piano

After collaborating together with Gerry Hemingway, Wolter Wierbos and Tobias Klein, in their first duo collaboration, Turkish born clarinetist Oğuz Büyükberber, from the Amsterdam modern music scene, and master pianist Simon Nabatov go for an amalgam of high energy improvisation and structure, resulting in an intensely focused interplay of colors, ideas and instrumental virtuosity.

22.00 Boi Akih + Duo Baars Henneman
Monica Akihary voice, electronics, Ab Baars tenor saxophone, clarinets, shakuhachi, Niels Brouwer guitar,  Ig Henneman viola

Two perfectly attuned duos join forces on stage. Although both duos have different backgrounds, their music is based on the same principles: establishing something out of nothing or almost nothing, creating on the spot, and during this process trying to understand one’s fellow musician, supporting him or her, and where necessary contradicting.

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€12 (separate tickets for afternoon and evening)
€18 (afternoon and evening combined)


De ruimte 20 january 2019

Marcos Baggiani - drums
Oguz Büyükberber - klarinet/electronics
Niels Brouwer - gitaar
Monica Akihary - stem
Kristina Fuchs - stem
Esat Ekincioglu - bas
Tobias Klein - altsax/basklarinet
John Dikeman - tenorsax
Jasper Stadhouders -gitaar
Philipp Moser - drums

in diverse combinaties

22.00 Afrobeat Ensemble

Afterparty with DJ Gaston (a.k.a. Jasper Stadhouders)

evening starts at 20.30h, entree €8