A Musicians’ Collective

"The beautiful thing is that TryTone has kept on developing … Over the years, Trytone has grown into a likeable platform for young musicians and new developments…”    Koen Schouten, Volkskrant

Trytone is a collective; a stablished organisation for innovative music working for jazz, improvised music, non western streams, contemporary composed music and multimedia performances in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.
This collective has a history of being there for musicians and bands who go their own way and try to do things creatively in a different way, in its own creative way.  It has become a  platform and a reference for independent artists who wish to stay in control over their own music and recordings. 
Since the very beginning, Trytone Foundation has organised and supported festivals, concert series and artistic exchanges within Europe and beyond.

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The Amsterdam-based record label Trytone was founded in 1998.
The catalogue can be seen as a cross section of what has been going on in an important part of the Dutch scene since then.

While it is impossible to narrow down the TT catalog to one single genre, we try to facilitate the unique voice of all artists who join us.

Trytone Label Spotlight - Ken Waxman, NYC Jazz Records


TryTone Team
Esat Ekincioglu
Guillermo Celano
Kristina Fuchs
Marcos Baggiani
Niels Brouwer
Oguz Büyükberber
Tobias Klein