“Emblematic of New Dutch Swing, the group boasts a mercurial mélange of styles that is as diverse as the ethnic backgrounds of its personnel… Celano and Baggiani’s respective knack for integrating multiple genres into a cohesive writing style facilitates a wide spectrum of sonic possibilities. With almost a decade now behind them, Celano and Baggiani have demonstrated persistent creativity worthy of greater acclaim. Alienology is an exceptional offering of sophisticated modern jazz and a noteworthy album by any measure.” Troy Collins – pointofdeparture – Issue 35 – USA, June 2011


Michael Moore (as & cl)
Gorka Benitez (ts)
Guillermo Celano (guit)
Sven Schuster (b)
Marcos Baggiani (d)

”The CBG is one of the most exciting and adventurous bands from Amsterdam. This powerful group moves beautifully between the composed and improvised parts. Their music blends many different styles, traveling throughout improvised music, rock, jazz, folk, and contemporary music; outlining a truly new energetic postmodern style”.