¿Dónde está nuestro hogar? – Baggiani / Benitez / Celano – BBC trio


The collaboration of these three musicians has its roots in the group led by guitarist Guillermo Celano and drummer Marc Baggiani in Amsterdam.

Gorka Benitez has recorded on 2 of the 8 albums of the  C.B.G  (Celano/Baggiani Group) and have toured the Netherlands and Spain. For the first time they collaborate in this new BBC trio BBC (Benitez/Baggiani/Celano).

This trio delves into an aesthetic that starts from the melody pushing and softening the borders between improvisation and composition.

“Gorka Benitez’s melodic adventures are powered by Guillermo Celano’s sonic explorations and harmonic passages, in a construction sustained by the rhythmic power of Marcos Baggiani”.


¿Donde está nuestro hogar?

BBC | Benitez-Baggiani-Celano


Gorka Benitez – tenor sax and flute
Guillermo Celano – electric guitar
Marcos Baggiani – drums

Recorded in Barcelona at Studios Underpool by Sergi Felipe, May 2018.
Mixed and mastered by Chris Weeda in Amsterdam.
Produced by BBC trio.

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Catalog nr. CS603CD
UPC 5609063 406030