EwoTV – EarsWideOpen


In the 50s and 60s, jazz musicians played ‘standards’, famous broadway and film tunes from the era they grew up in. But what is a standard for us, growing up in the 80s and 90s, what music is in our DNA? The answer for earswideopen: TV theme songs, of course! So here it is: EwoTV. Some of your favourite American and Dutch TV theme songs. Improved beyond repair. Plus the occasional gem: a 90s song called Film that was made for no film in particular, and the gorgeous 80s hit The Riddle.


Jurriaan Berger acoustic and electric piano, electronics, vocals
Felix Hildenbrand acoustic and electric bass, vocals
Achim Heine drums, glockenspiel, percussion, vocals


Earswideopen is the name of a Dutch jazz trio, around since 2003. It’s also their motto: by opening their ears, they create beautiful things on the spot. Earswideopen is a ‘piano trio plus’, the plus being all sorts of electronics (hi and lo fi) and other objects added to the classic piano trio format. They have played and recorded with top musicians from the Dutch scene (Vloeimans, Goudsmit, Honing, Herman,…), as well as singers, ud players and many more musicians from three continents. In these collaborations, earswideopen have always maintained their own aesthetic: they love free improvisation and a touch of madness, but are not afraid to sound groovy or delicate either. Influenced by both free jazz, pop, and contemporary composed music, they developed their hallmark sound on their first self-titled cd (2010).