Kristina Fuchs


Linden is traditional music in a different way – in this recording, freedom is celebrated…
Or, as Thelonious Monk said: “We all play folk music“

After I recorded “Im Röseligarte” – improvisations on Swiss Folk Songs, I wondered what kind of relationship the Dutch had with their own folk music.

The Netherlands is a multicultural country, and people are enthusiastic about folk music from other places. Dutch folk music though is rather a distant memory… Of course, they are not alone in that. In some countries there is now a revival and renewal of folk music under way.

The songs are taken from the collection “Onder de Groene Linde” that was published in 2008, referring to Ate Doornbosch’s program at the Dutch radio from 1957 to 1993. Ate traveled the Netherlands with his tape recorder, recording people who still knew the old songs.

We chose 11 songs from this huge collection and arranged them in a way that we liked.

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Kristina Fuchs : Voice, hang
Jeroen van Vliet : piano, electronics
Mette Erker : saxophone, clarinets