“In 2015, Spinifex celebrated their 10-year anniversary with this spectacular 12-piece band with an international all-star line-up. Eric McDowell on Free Jazz Collective about ‘Maximus’ ****1/2
“… the tunes on Maximus are bursting with a multiplicity of competing voices…listening to the exuberance of the playing, somehow always escalating, you get a sense of mutual egging-on, of a well-met challenge to go all out. Everyone here seems to bring out the best in each other, perhaps even things otherwise inaccessible…. we get everything from snaking unisons to free-form blowing—a bountiful piece from a bountiful group of musicians.””


Piotr Damasiewicz: trumpet
Bart Maris: trumpet
Tobias Klein: alto saxophone
Edoardo Marraffa: tenor saxophone
Josh Sinton: baritone saxophone
Matthias Muche: trombone
Jeb Bishop: trombone
Pascal Rousseau: tuba
Jasper Stadhouders: guitar
Gonçalo Almeida: bass guitar
Philipp Moser: drums
Onno Govaert: drums

Spinifex explores the contrast between extremely tight irregular structures and extensive free improvisation.Named after a tough Australian species of grass, Spinifex may at first sound like a combination of free jazz, math-metal and other typically Western contemporary music. However, beneath the surface the listener will discover ancient cyclical rhythms of Turkish and Indian origin.