Native Speaker – Natalio Sued trio


All of the tunes on this album contain both musical and extra-musical inspiration. I like to compose with something in mind other than a musical idea, and since I’m an easily impressionable person, I decided to pay tribute to many of the influences I have from playing, listening, reading, and basically from being in this world.
We invited Guillermo Celano to play on four of the tunes. He clicked with Native Speaker’s sound almost immediately and we liked it so much that it was hard not to make him a permanent new member of the band.


Natalio Sued – tenor saxophone
Matt Adomeit – double bass
Tristan Renfrow – drums
Guillermo Celano – electric guitar

Since early 2015, Native Speaker has established an eccentric group sensibility and sound that reevaluates the jazz sax-bass-drums formation. Their music presents a bold irreverence for the frontiers separating genres and for the boundaries between predetermination and improvisation. This creates an environment in which trust, spontaneity, and sensitivity take precedence. On their eponymous debut album melody-centric compositions are ruthlessly deconstructed through subversive variation and improvisation.