SOUFIFEX – Spinifex


In 2017, Spinifex adapted two pieces and recorded them for the CD ‘Amphibian Ardour’: a Sufi traditional of Kurdish/Iranian origin, and a Qawali traditional from Pakistan. We liked this music so much that we decided to create a whole project, SOUFIFEX, dedicated to music inspired by Sufi traditions. Deeply rooted in our musical approach of combining cutting-edge composed structures with free improvisation, Spinifex dived into the magic of ritually repeated patterns and concentration on the beat. 
The SOUFIFEX première took place at the Moers Festival in May 2018. The Belgian music journalist Guy Peters called it one of the highlights of the Moers Festival and wrote on “… a band of extreme contrasts which moves freely at one moment, only to abruptly and mercilessly strike with ultratight interplay the next moment…”
Georges Tonla Briquet wrote on jazzenzo: “… speedy noise-jazz with punk attidude played with razor-sharp accuracy … no volume for volume’s sake but a compact formula, meticulously mapped out according to the comprehensively thought through Spinifex procdure …”


Tobias Klein – alto saxophone
Bart Maris – trumpet
John Dikeman – tenor saxophone
Jasper Stadhouders – guitar
Gonçalo Almeida – bass
Philipp Moser – drums

In October 2018, we spent two days at the Room 13 Studio in Ghent to record the SOUFIFEX cd, beautifully mixed and mastered by Philipp Moser, with great artwork by Gonçalo Almeida, to be released on 11 January 2019 on Trytone Records.

Spinifex explores the contrast between extremely tight irregular structures and extensive free improvisation.Named after a tough Australian species of grass, Spinifex may at first sound like a combination of free jazz, math-metal and other typically Western contemporary music. However, beneath the surface the listener will discover ancient cyclical rhythms of Turkish and Indian origin.